dYdX Chain Software Documentation

The most recent setup guides for how to use the dYdX Chain open-source software, as well as the netwrok parameters for dydx-mainnet-1 are currently hosted by dYdX Trading Inc. at (opens in a new tab).

The dYdX Operations subDAO is committed to actively enhancing the documentation by contributing updates to the associated public repository located at (opens in a new tab).

dYdX Chain: Open-Source Software

The dYdX Chain open-source software, developed by dYdX Trading Inc., is available on GitHub at (opens in a new tab).

Validator Slack Connect: Agreement and Onboarding

If you are a validator keen on collaborating with other dydx-mainnet-1 validators via Slack Connect, please first read the v4 software (“dYdX Chain”) Terms of Use (opens in a new tab) and express your agreement by filling out this form (opens in a new tab).

Engaging with dYdX

For further engagement and discussions, you are encouraged to visit the dYdX forum at (opens in a new tab).

For any inquiries or additional support, feel free to reach out through the channels provided on the dYdX forum, or join our community on Discord (opens in a new tab). Your contribution and involvement are highly valued as we collectively work towards a decentralized and efficient dYdX ecosystem.

To learn more about the dYdX Operations subDAO, or to get involved, please visit (opens in a new tab).

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