dYdX Chain Mainnet documentation

Welcome to the documentation page for dYdX Chain Mainnet, a robust blockchain built with the CosmosSDK. This documentation is diligently maintained by the dYdX Operations subDAO to provide a comprehensive resource for validators, developers, and the dYdX community at large.

The dYdX Chain mainnet is operated by a decentralized network of independent validators, ensuring the security and transparency of the ecosystem. This documentation encompasses a wide range of topics including setup guides, netwrok parameters, and timelines among others, to facilitate a thorough understanding and effective interaction with dYdX Chain Mainnet.

For further engagement and discussions, you are encouraged to visit the dYdX forum at (opens in a new tab) To learn more about the dYdX Operations subDAO, or to get involved, please visit (opens in a new tab)

For any inquiries or additional support, feel free to reach out through the channels provided on the dYdX forum, or join our community on Discord (opens in a new tab). Your contribution and involvement are highly valued as we collectively work towards a decentralized and efficient dYdX ecosystem.

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